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The Information Technologies Group consists of computer professionals that coordinate, monitor and support the Information Technologies component in Cayuga County Government. These efforts include:
         1. Coordinate County services and expertise to meet the current and future demands of all departments in the field of information technologies.
         2. Assist in the formulation of an Information System for the Chairman of the County Legislature which integrates the various departmental networks currently being utilized and assist in the maintenance of any "Wide and Local Area Networks" utilized by County departments and agencies.
         3. Set and maintain uniform standards for computer hardware and software systems throughout all government departments.
         4. Assist in the establishment and maintenance of County wide computer operation policies and procedures.
         5. Maintain a uniform computer hardware and software acquisition policy.
         6. Provide computer hardware and software tech support for County departments and Agencies.
         7. Design, implement, and oversee computer training programs for new and existing County employees.
Information Technologies also designs and maintains the County Government web site and CayugaNet the County's web portal site.
For more information e-mail Information Technology or call (315)253-1038.

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