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Emergency & Crisis      Top of Page  
Report a fire, police, or medical emergency? In Cayuga County, dial 911
Get suicide prevention and crisis help? Call the Cayuga County Mental Health Center, 253-2746
(253-0341 after 5 p.m.)
Get emergency shelter? Call the Red Cross 252-9596 (24-hour)
Get help regarding abuse or domestic violence?
Call the Cayuga/Seneca Domestic Violence Program,
1-800-253-3358 (24-hour)
Get mental health crisis services?
Call the Mental Health Center, 253-2746
(253-0341 after 5 p.m.)
Find non-emergency health care services Call the Cayuga Health Line 1-800-210-7730 (24 hours)
Health      Top of Page
Find out about health services for mothers and infants?
Health Department 253-1560
Find out about immunization clinics? Health Department 253-1560
Get information about communicable diseases?
NYS Health Department
Get an anonymous HIV test?
Call 1-800-562-9423
Get information about water testing?
Environmental Health 253-1405
Get information about septic systems?
Environmental Health 253-1405
Human Services      Top of Page
Apply for public assistance? Department of Social Services 253-1393
Apply for food stamps?
Department of Social Services 253-1265
Get help with child support?
Department of Social Services 253-1380
Find out about foster parenting or adoption?
Cayuga Foster Care 253-1580
Find out about services for the elderly?
Office for the Aging 253-1226
Find out about services for youth?
Youth Bureau 253-1402
Animals      Top of Page
Report a rabid animal or rabies exposure?
Environmental Health 253-1405
Adopt a pet; report a lost pet or injured animal?
Call the SPCA at 253-5841
Report a dead deer by the roadside?
Highway Department
Public Records      Top of Page
File or get a copy of a deed or mortgage?
County Clerk
File or get a copy of a judgment?
County Clerk
Find out about a tax lien?
County Clerk
Get a copy of my military discharge papers?
County Clerk
Get a copy of a survey map?
County Clerk
Get a copy of a tax map?
Online: Tax Map Image Files
In person: Office Of Real Property Services
Get a copy of a birth or death certificate?
Contact the municipality where birth or death occurred
Order a genealogy search?
Historians office
Public Information      Top of Page
Find a Local Government Directory? County Government Directory
Get a County Legislature meeting agenda?
Clerk of the Legislature
Get a copy of a resolution or local law?
Clerk of the Legislature
Get information on the County Budget?
Clerk of the Legislature
Read highlights of a Legislature meeting?
Legislative Meeting Minutes
Read highlights of a Committee meeting?
Committee Meeting Minutes
Make a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request?
Call the Clerk of the Legislature, 253-1308
NYS FOIL law information
Contact the County legislator for my district?
County Legislature
Map of districts
Get Census information for this area?
2000 Census Data
Voting and Elections      Top of Page

Register to vote?
Board of Elections
Find out where my polling place is?
Board of Elections
Taxes and Property      Top of Page

Check the amount of County taxes owed?
County Treasurer's Office
Check the amount of current school taxes owed?
Contact the school district where property is located
Make a tax payment?
County: County Treasurer's Office
City of Auburn: City Treasurer's Office
Find information on bidding on foreclosed property?
County: Office Of Real Property Services
City of Auburn: City Treasurer's Office
Check a property assessment?
County: Office Of Real Property Services
City of Auburn: Auburn, NY Tax Rates
Look at comparable assessments?
On Line: ImageMate Online
In Person: Office Of Real Property Services
Protest an assessment?
How To File For A Review Of Your Assessment
(New York State booklet)
Licenses, Permits, etc.      Top of Page

Get a certificate of residency?
Cayuga County: County Treasurer's Office
City of Auburn: City Clerk
Get a fishing/hunting license?
Contact your local municipality or sporting goods store
City of Auburn: City Clerk
Find out when hunting/fishing seasons are?
Call NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation,
Region 7 - (315) 426-7400
Hunting Information       Freshwater Fishing Information
Get or renew a passport?
County Clerk
Get a marriage license?
Contact the municipality where you will be married
Register a new business?
County Clerk
Get a pistol permit?
Sheriff's Office - Pistol Permit Informational Guide
Get a building permit?
Contact the municipality where property is located
Get a driveway permit?
Contact the Cayuga County Highway Department
Get a driver's license or learner's permit?
Dept. of Motor Vehicles
Register a vehicle?
Dept. of Motor Vehicles
Courts and Jury Duty      Top of Page

Get information about jury duty?
Commissioner of Jurors, 255-4313
Find a court record?
County: County Clerk
Surrogate Court Clerk, 255-4316
City of Auburn Court Clerk, 253-1570
Pay a traffic ticket?
Contact the municipality where the ticket was written
Employment      Top of Page

Find/Apply for a County job?
Civil Service Commission
Get a schedule of upcoming Civil Service exams?
Civil Service Commission
Get assistance finding/filling a job?
Cayuga Works Career Center
County Web Site      Top of Page

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I can't find the information I am looking for on the web site. Where should I look?
You can use key words or phrases to search the County web site using the County web site search page.
I am looking for a business or organization in Cayuga County. Where should I look?
Many Cayuga County Business and organization web sites are listed on the County's web portal site (CayugaNet). You can find those listings on
Find common acronyms used on this web site?
List of commonly used acronyms
Miscellaneous      Top of Page

Find directions to County facilities?
Directions to County offices and buildings
Find out about immigration/naturalization services?
Call the Immigration Office in Syracuse NY,
Find out about garbage and recycling pickup?
Contact your local municipality
Visit someone at the jail?
Call the Cayuga County Jail, 253-2911
Find out about zoning?
Contact the municipality where area is located
Get a bus schedule?
CENTRO - Cayuga Area Schedules

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