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Local Responsibility

Local Responsibility

  • New York State encourages all localities to manage stormwater through existing land use approval processes

  • New York State recommends adoption of a stormwater management local law.

    • Stormwater Management Guidance Manual for Local Officials

      • Available from the NYSDEC. For information to obtain a copy, click here.

    • Stormwater management local law could be an important part of environmental planning

      • NYSDEC does not typically review Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

      • Can provide the opportunity for localities to review plans if they want to be proactive

  • If a municipality does not have a local law:

    • If a violation is observed, the local government should contact the Regional Office of the NYSDEC. Phone numbers can be found here. Cayuga County is in Region 7.

    • Issuance of a stop work order under the SPDES general permit is done only by the NYSDEC.

    • However, a locality can still issue a stop work order under local building code or other local authority at discretion of local government.

  • Developing a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) that complies with the requirements for the SPDES permit does not relieve an operator from the obligation of complying with stormwater management requirements of the local government having jurisdiction over the project.

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