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Reduce Your Use: Lawn care without pesticides

Lawns are an important part of our landscapes. They increase attractiveness, improve air quality, and reduce noise around our homes. Homeowners are certainly aware of these benefits and spend billions of dollars annually to achieve a well maintained lawn.

In past years, pesticides were an integral and prominent part of residential lawn care regimes. Recently though, this mind-set has started to change. The trend now is toward lawn maintenance with a decreased emphasis on herbicides, fungicides and other pesticides.

By following some basic lawn care principles, homeowners who choose to utilize the less- or no-pesticide approach can still have attractive lawns. However, the homeowner should have a realistic perception of what pesticide-free lawn care will produce...a few more weeds and an occasional dead area may have to be tolerated.

Great Lawns in Five Easy Steps

For more information about pesticide free lawn care check out these resources from the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program: (The following are links to other web sites. Cayuga County is not responsible for these web sites and has no control over content of these web sites or information not located on the Cayuga County servers. The following links will open new browser windows).

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Updated: March 8, 2010