Saturday, August 23, 2014
Sterling Center Events



Cayuga Naturally 2014 Photo Contest

Cayuga County is a diverse and wonderful place filled with nature’s best from the shore of Lake Ontario to the heart of the Finger Lakes.  Capture your favorite place for hiking, canoeing, fishing, hunting or other outdoor activity as well as the beauty of the streams, lakes, trees, wildflowers, birds, animals and other aspects of nature.  All photos must be taken within Cayuga County and be of nature related subjects.  The photo should be: taken between 10-01-13 and 09-30-14; unframed and mounted on a firm backing, such as foam board or matting board; no smaller than 3x5 inches and no larger than 8x10 inches; all entries must be at the Sterling Nature Center by 10-07-14.  For official entry form send a stamped self-addressed envelope to: SNC Photo, PO Box 216 Sterling NY, 13156 or email Contest is free and open to everyone, no photos will be returned and SNC reserves the right to refuse any photo deemed inappropriate.  An awards reception is being planned.


Let’s Have a Big Year! **Birding Contest**

          A BIG YEAR is an informal competition with the goal to see or hear the largest number of species of birds in a single calendar year and within a specific geographic area. The geographic area would be the Sterling Nature Center and the year is 2014. If you would like to take part in this contest please register with the nature center.

          There are several reasons for this competition; getting people outdoors to enjoy nature and discover the fun of wildlife watching. We also hope this competition will help show visitors how many different kinds of birds migrate through or call the Sterling Nature Center home.



(1) The bird or the birder must be within the Sterling Nature Center and in the time-period: of January 1 – December 31, 2014, when observed.

(2) The bird must be a species currently listed on the Checklist of the Birds of New York State published by The New York State Ornithological Association, Inc. The list can be found at:

(3) The bird must be alive, wild, and unrestrained when observed.

(4) Diagnostic field-marks for the bird, sufficient to identify to species, must be seen and/or heard and/or documented by the recorder at the time of observation.

(5) The bird must have been encountered under conditions that conform to the ABA Code of Birding Ethics. (6) Birders must submit lists of quarterly observations; January 1 to March 31, April 1 to June 30, July 30 to September 30, October 1 to December 31. Lists should be submitted by the 15 of the following month.

(7) Awards will be given out in mid-January 2015 to the top youth and adult birders.


Rookery Life– Saturday June 14 at 1pm

Come out for a peek at the great blue herons sharing the rookery work with their mates and feeding the fast growing young. Naturalist Jim D'Angelo will lead a walk about Great Blue Herons and the rookery at the Sterling Nature Center. Just how big are their nests? How many nests are in the rookery? How many herons are at the rookery? Have the eggs started to hatch? We will answer these and many other questions about the rookery and great blue heron natural history during this program. A brief indoor discussion will be held first before a trip out to the rookery. This program is free and open to the public.


Summer Solstice Walk – Saturday June 21 at 7pm

Start your summer off on the right foot by taking a guided hike along the trails of the Sterling Nature Center in search of symbols for the changing seasons. What flora and fauna usher in summertime? Come enjoy an evening hike on the longest day of the year.


Summer Wings Saturday July 5 at 1pm

Come explore the fields, meadows and wetlands for birds, butterflies and dragonflies. These diverse creatures all can fly but each does it in its own unique way. We will hike the Meadow Trail and visit Dragonfly Pond in search of our summer winged wildlife.


All About Bats Wednesday July 16 & Saturday July 19 at 7pm

Bats do many incredible tasks in their ecosystems from eating thousands of insects to pollinating flowers and dispersing seed. Join Naturalist Jim D’Angelo for a fascinating look into the lives of bats to discover the truths surrounding many common myths and the difficulties bats face. We will also discuss how you can help these beneficial creatures of the night. After the indoor presentation we will take a short walk to watch bats feeding on insects over the fields. A special bat detector instrument will allow us to hear their echolocation calls as well. The program is free and open to the public.


The <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:placename w:st="on">Literary <st1:placetype w:st="on">Beach Thursday July 24 from 7 to 9 pm (for Ages 12 and up)

Dynamic, and ever shifting but also energizing and inspirational the edge separates lake and land. Explore and be inspired by it. See the lake through the eyes of scientists and explore it through the work of past and contemporary regional writers, poets and artists. Take a hike along the shore with the author of the Edge Walkers Guide to Beach Combing, in search of garnets, fossils, fool’s gold, and inspiration, then adjourn to the Nature Center or Pavilion to share stories and poems about life on the edge. Bring good hiking shoes and a favorite poem or story related to a shoreline. The story or poem does NOT have to be written by you!


Animal Stories Saturday Aug 9 at 1pm to 3 pm

Wild Animal Stories A brief survey discussion and sharing of some favorites for young and old with a list of titles for kids of all ages. When you were a kid did you have a favorite animal story? Perhaps you enjoyed The Jungle Book, or Jack London's Call of the Wild? Or if you're a bit younger, how about Charlotte's Web, Chronicles of Narnia or The Tale of Despereaux? Susan P. Gateley, author of Twinkle Toes and the Riddle of the Lake will briefly introduce and survey animals in literature. Why are there so many animal stories? We'll discuss a few ideas on how literary animals can help us understand human nature. Please bring a favorite animal story to share and or read from.


Herpetology Wednesday August 16 at 1pm

Snakes, turtles, frogs, toads and salamanders will be the topic for exploration. Join Naturalist Jim D’Angelo and help search for these sometimes creepy-critters and learn the truth about their beneficial behavior in our ecosystem. The program is ideal for kids with a parent as well as anyone with an interest in herpetology, the study of reptiles and amphibians. The program is free and open to the public.


Friends Annual Pig Roast Fundraiser – Sunday August 17 Noon to 4pm

Mark your calendar and bring your appetite for our annual summer fundraiser!!! The Friends of Sterling Nature Center’s annual Pork Roast at the Sterling Nature Center will take place on Sunday, August 19 Noon ‘til 4:00 pm. Menu: Roast Pork, salt potatoes, baked beans, coleslaw, applesauce, roll, beverage and dessert!!! Take-out and pre-sale tickets are available.


Owl Prowl Wednesday August 23 at 7pm

Discover how owls rule the night while we explore owl adaptations, hunting skills, where they roost and how to find them. The program will start with a discussion inside, followed by a night hike in search of Eastern Screech Owls. The program is free and open to the public open to the public.



Artists & Artwork Wanted

The Sterling Nature Center is looking for a few more artists and authors to display their nature inspired art at the center during the month of June. The artwork can be visual art like sculpture or painting and it can also be written like poetry or prose. We are also looking for artists to demonstrate their craft during Inspiration 2014 Sunday, June 1, 12:00 to 4:30 our Festival of Nature and the Arts.  If you or someone you know, (friend, student, staff, co-worker...) are interested in helping please contact Jim D'Angelo at 315-947-6143 or  Please help us make this the best Inspiration Festival yet!!!