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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Support Groups
Caregivers need as much support as those they care for. The support groups which are offered through the Office for the Aging are free and open to anyone seeking information and support in the area of Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases. 

Below is a list of support groups available in the area. Meeting times and places sometimes change, so please call the Long Term Care Office at 253-1104 to check on your meeting.
  • 2nd Wednesday of each month
    Boyle Senior Center
    Long Term Care Office
    149 Genesee Street, Auburn

  • 3rd Thursday of each month
    Christ United Methodist Church
    36 Church Street, Moravia
  • 4th Wednesday of each month
    First Presbyterian Church
    8871 South Seneca Street, Weedsport

More Information on the Web

For more information about caregiver support groups of all types, please call the Long Term Care Office at 253-1104
or visit the Human Services Coalition Directory.