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Saturday, October 25, 2014
Food & Nutrition

Cayuga County Nursing Home Dietary Department is interested in serving our residents attractive nutritional meals based on the Recommended Daily Allowance.  The Diet Tech and Dietary Manager work with the Resident Council to plan seasonal menus.  Meals are normally served buffet style in the dining room.  Tray service is also available for those wishing to remain in their rooms.

Special occasions such as holidays allow for special treats.  Modified diets are provided when ordered by a physician.  When snacks are requested or required, we have on-floor stations to provide between meal nourishments that are tasty as well as nourishing.  Our Dietary Tech and Manager are available to discuss meals with the residents and family and to give encouragement for an adequate food intake.  The Registered Dietician is at our facility on a weekly basis and available for those on special diets.

Cayuga County Nursing Home contracts with Health Care Services Group to provide our food and clinical nutritional services.