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  1. New County Website Feedback

    Share with us your feedback about the new county website

  2. Submit a Census 2020 event

    Submit a Census 2020 event here for inclusion on this page.

  1. Request a sign

    Request a Census 2020 sign. Please fill out all the information so we can get a sign to you!

Civil Service

  1. Advertising (Job Posting) Request

    Use this form to request HR/Civil Service post a vacancy

  2. Canvass Request

    Use to request a eligible list

  3. Civil Service Computer User Update and Affirmation

    Appointing Authorities use this form to request activation/deactivation of the Civil Service computer (eGov)

  4. Declination

    Used for CANDIDATE to decline position offered from eligible list

  5. New Position Duties Statement (NPDS) Long Form

    Use to request position(s) in a title is not established within your jurisdiction

  6. Probation Period Evaluation Report

    Use this form to evaluate employee performance during Civil Service probationary period

  1. Authorization to Create/Fill

    Use this form to create and fill a new position within a county department

  2. Change of Contact Information (Cayuga County Civil Service Candidates ONLY)

    Use to update name, address, phone number, or e-mail with Cayuga County Civil Service.

  3. Cross-Filing Form

    Use to notify Cayuga County when taking exams in multiple jurisdictions

  4. Exempt Classification Review Form

    Submit when an exempt position has been vacated as certification the job description and title have not and will not change since... More…

  5. New Position Duties Statement (NPDS) Short Form

    Use to request additional position(s) in a title already established within your jurisdiction

  6. Typing Waiver

    Use this form to request a typing performance waiver

Emergency Services

  1. Emergency Services Class Registration

    Students should expect to be contacted by the instructor closer to the start of the course. No further action is necessary once you... More…

Health Forms

  1. Cancer Questions
  2. HABs Educational Materials Request Form
  3. Home Lead Risk Assessment

    The Cayuga County Health Department offers FREE home lead risk assessment services for renters and home owners living in Cayuga County... More…

  4. Premature Birth Prevention Referral Form
  5. Risk Communications Workshop Sign Up Form
  1. Contact the Model Healthy Choices Program
  2. Healthy Neighborhoods Program (HNP)

    Cayuga County Healthy Neighborhoods Program (HNP) works to reduce environmental health risks related to fire and injury, asthma, lead... More…

  3. Nurse-Family Partnership Contact Form
  4. Public Health Nuisance Complaint Report Form

Human Resources

  1. Change of Information Form for Cayuga County Employees

    EMPLOYEES - Use this form to update your contact information with HR/Civil Service, Benefits, and Payroll

  2. Resignation Letter

    Use this form to formally resign from your position

  1. FOB / ID Badge / Parking Permit Request

    Request a replacement Cayuga County FOB, ID badge, or parking permit

  2. Sexual Harassment Report Form

    Fill out to report a sexual harassment incident.

Mental Health

  1. Online Narcan Training Completion and Request Form

    Through its Opioid Overdose Prevention Program, the Cayuga County Community Mental Health Center is able to offer free Narcan kits to... More…

  1. Report Narcan Use and Request New Narcan Kit

Office for the Aging

  1. Answers series
  1. Request for Assistance

    fill out this form to contact us for assistance

Planning & Economic Development

  1. Emerson Park Master Plan Comment Form

    Submit your ideas and comments on the Emerson Park Master Plan update.

  1. Owasco Lake Watershed Rules and Regulations Comment Form

    Tell us what you think!

Real Property Services

  1. Address Change Form

    This form is used to change the mailing address used on property tax bills for parcels in Cayuga County.

  1. Bank and Escrow Change Form

    This form is used to change or remove the bank maintaining the escrow account used for tax billing.

Social Services

  1. Cayuga Foster Care Contact Request

    Please complete the form if you have a question for a worker or would like to speak to someone regarding becoming a foster parent.

  2. Question for worker

    Use this form to communicate with your worker. Please keep in mind the worker will not be able to reply directly so you must list an... More…

  1. Prospective Foster Parent Initial Information

    Use this form if you are interested in potentially becoming a foster parent to tell us a little bit about yourself and your household.... More…

  2. Reporting changes

    Use this form to tell your worker what has changed in your household and/or circumstances, including but not limited to new income,... More…


  1. Tax Search Request

    Order a ten (10) year tax search. Each tax search costs $25.00. Payment must be received prior to request being processed.


  1. Cayuga Lake Protection Plan

    Let us know your thoughts on the proposed Cayuga Lake Protection Plan.