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Does Cayuga County have children in need of adoption?

At times, there are children in need of adoption. However, quite often, if a child is living in a foster home and becomes freed for adoption, their foster family will make the   educated decision to adopt him/her. Many parents begin as foster parents, and  transition to foster/adoptive parents. This does not mean you have to be willing to adopt once you become a foster parent. The agency has parents who decide solely to foster, some choose to become foster/adoptive, meaning they are open to both fostering and adopting, and then there are some parents who choose solely to be adoptive parents. The agency can help you with this decision when the time is necessary.

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1. How old do you have to be to become a foster parent?
2. Do you have to be married in order to become foster parents?
3. What are the steps to becoming a foster parent?
4. Is foster parenting a right?
5. What resources are available to foster parents?
6. Are foster parents responsible for medical coverage of children in care?
7. Do foster parents receive financial support?
8. What does Cayuga County look for in a foster parent?
9. Does Cayuga County have children in need of adoption?
10. Is there a high need for foster parents?
11. I still have questions, who can I contact?
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