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What are rank and position?

Ranks and positions are created when all exam results are in.  A rank is a group of same scores for an exam.  Candidates that received the same score are in the same rank.  The group of candidates with the highest score are in Rank 1.  The next highest group of scores are in Rank 2, and so on.  Position is a tie breaker within a rank of scores.  If 5 candidates receive a 100 on an exam they would be positions 1 through 5.  Their placing in the position is randomly determined by the computer.

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1. When will I receive my admittance notice to take an exam?
2. When will I know my score on the exam and my rank on the Civil Service List?
3. How do I know what jobs are available?
4. What is Civil Service?
5. Can I receive notification of exams and vacancies?
6. Do I have to take a test?
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9. Do I have to be a resident?
10. How do I apply for a Civil Service exam?
11. Can I submit a resume for a job?
12. How do I apply for a position that does not require an exam?
13. Do I need to fill out a separate application for each position I apply for?
14. Is there an application or examination fee?
15. Will you accept an application submitted after the deadline?
16. How specific do employment dates need to be on an application?
17. What happens after I apply for a test?
18. What can I do if I receive a disqualification letter from Civil Service?
19. What will be on the test?
20. What do I study to prepare for an exam?
21. What are rank and position?
22. What if I have moved since taking a test?
23. Can I receive notification of application deadlines?
24. How do I find out if an exam is cancelled?
25. What type of application review payments do you accept?
26. When do I need to cross-file?
27. Can I receive notification when the agenda for the Commission meeting is ready?
28. How will I know if an exam is cancelled due to weather?
29. If my exam is cancelled due to weather, how will I be notified of the new (re-scheduled) test date?
30. How do I apply for a typing waiver?
31. Do I have to take a typing performance test?
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