Friday, October 24, 2014
Invasive Species Working Group

WQMA Invasive Species Working Group Priorities for 2014:

  1. The Working Group will review available studies and reports of federal and state agencies and other
    organizations and compile a list of species ranked according to the risks they represent based on:
    • How directly their attributes correlate with invasiveness;
    • The vulnerability of existing populations and ecological communities to their invasion; and
    • The severity of the biological and economic consequences that could result from their spread.
    The Invasive Species Working Group will leverage the activities of the Finger Lakes Partnership for
    Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM).
  2. The Working Group will identify gaps in existing communication programs in regards to invasive
    species and modify and revise them accordingly.
  3. The Working Group will provide educational materials to aquarium sellers and owners; fishing bait
    sellers and owners; companies who sell or repair boats; companies that sell personal watercraft and
    boating/water recreation equipment including docks and lifts; fishing equipment suppliers; fishing
    tournament sponsors, marinas and boat launches. Concentrate on:
    • The Cayuga County Invasive Species Law;
    • Commerce;
    • Aquarium sellers and owners; and
    • Fishing bait sellers and users.
  4. The Working Group will conduct Asian clam diving surveys in Owasco Lake and possibly Cayuga
  5. The Working Group will invite other stakeholders and partners to activities sponsored by the WQMA
    and its members and partners including Owasco Lake Day, invasive species workshops, and watershed
    steward events. 
  6. The Chair of the WQMA or their designee will attend at least two Cayuga County Legislative meetings
    a year.