Thursday, October 23, 2014

The County‘s GIS is used to work with digital maps comprised of numerous layers, with each layer containing data about a particular set of features. The current geographic information database contains hundreds of GIS data layers. The most commonly used general categories of layers are listed below. For more specific information on available layers and how to obtain data for your project, please contact the Department of Planning and Economic Development.

GIS Data


LiDAR Elevation Points
Digital Elevation Model
Topographic Contours
Drainage Basins
Surface Water
Flood Hazard Areas
GIS Data Land Cover
Satellite Imagery
Aerial Imagery

Public Safety

E911 Addresses
Police Beats
Fire Quadrants
Fire Stations
EMS Districts
GIS Data Hazardous Materials
Ambulance Stations


Zoning Districts
Historic Districts
Historic Sites
Election Districts
County Legislative Districts
State Legislative Districts
GIS Data School District Boundaries
Municipal Boundaries
Census Tracts and Blocks
Community Development Projects
Economic Development Projects


Street Centerlines
Street Edge of Pavement
Street Intersections
GIS Data Dams
Water System Lines and Structures
Gas Lines and Structures
Electric Lines
Parks and Playgrounds

Real Property

Tax Parcels
Land Use