On July 26, 1995, the Cayuga County Water and Sewer Authority was created. The Cayuga County Legislature, after due diligence of review of water and sewer infrastructure needs of the county residents, acknowledged the need for the formation of a public authority. The development of a public entity was hereby developed and now known as the Cayuga County Water and Sewer Authority. This entity is a “component unit” of Cayuga County, sponsored by Cayuga County via County and State Legislation. The Authority is a corporate governmental agency constituting a public benefit corporation and shall be a “public district.” 1199-cccc. Cayuga County Water and Sewer Authority District enabling legislation states: “There is hereby defined and established a district to be known as the “Cayuga County Water and Sewer Authority District” which shall embrace all of the territory located within the county of Cayuga.” The Authority is governed by an uncompensated Board of Directors consisting of nine members, who must be residents of the county and who are confirmed by the County Legislature for three-year terms each. The Officers, elected annually, consist of a chairperson, vice-chairperson, and a treasurer who shall be members, and a secretary who need not be a member of the board.