Audit/Records Mgmt (est. FY08)

Finance and Project Mgmt (est. FY06)

Governance (est. FY08)

Personnel (re-est. FY18)


Governance Committee

The governance committee’s main role is to recruit new board members and to ensure that each board member is equipped with the proper tools and motivation to carry out his or her responsibilities. Governance Committee also has responsibility to oversee personnel matters. Governance Committee Charter

Finance and Project Management Committee

This Finance and Project Management Committee’s main role is to oversee the operations of the Authority.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is an operating committee of the Board of Directors charged with oversight of financial reporting and disclosure.  CCWSA Audit Committee Charter.pdf


FY17 Financial Report

FY17 Correspondence

Mission Statement and Performance Measures FY2017

FY16 Financial Report.pdf

Mission Statement and Performance Measures FY2016.pdf

FY15 Financial Report.pdf

FY15 Financial Report - Corres.pdf