Invasive Species Working Group

Invasive Species Working Group

WQMA Invasive Species Working Group Priorities for 2015:

  1. PRIORITY:  Create a list of target invasive species

  2. ACTION:The Working Group will review the FL-PRISM’s list of priority species of concern and use that as starting point to create a list of target species of the WQMA based on:
    • Their proximity to or presence in Cayuga County and important areas for conservation;
    • How directly their attributes correlate with invasiveness;
    • The vulnerability of existing populations and ecological communities to their invasion; and
    • The severity of the biological and economic consequences that could result from their spread.

  3. PRIORITY:  Information dissemination

    ACTION: The Working Group will gather and disseminate information to the WQMA and the public on the target species determined in #1 and any new invasives to the County. 
    ACTION: The Working Group will update and maintain the Cayuga County WQMA website and promote the FL-PRISM website.

  4. PRIORITY:  Inventory and field reconnaissance of invasive species in Cayuga County:

  5. ACTION: The Working Group will survey for existing target species infestations.
    ACTION:  The Working Group will conduct Asian clam diving inventory surveys in Owasco Lake to determine the population and effectiveness of control methods.
    ACTION:  The Working Group will conduct field reconnaissance of areas suspected of having a new invasive species population.

  6. PRIORITY:  Education, training and public participation

  7. ACTION: The Working Group will provide educational materials and training programs on the WQMA priority species of concern to:
    • WQMA members
    • Lake Associations
    • Nurseries
    • Marinas and boat launches
    • Fishing bait sellers and users
    • Aquarium sellers and users
    • Sport and outdoor shops
    • Other citizen groups
    ACTION:  The Working Group will prepare and publish two Eco-Talk articles per year on invasive species.
    ACTION:  The Working Group will invite other stakeholders and partners to activities sponsored by the WQMA and its members and partners including March to Lake Day, Owasco Lake Day, invasive species workshops and watershed steward events.

  8. PRIORITY:  Invasive species control

  9. ACTION:  The Working Group will support existing invasive species control programs including the County’s aquatic harvesting program and will assist as able in other control programs.