Coliform Bacteria Working Group

Coliform Bacteria Working Group

WQMA Bacteria Working Group Priorities for 2015:

  1. PRIORITY: Septic Systems

  2. ACTION: Visit properties in Tompkins County in search of problem septic systems – Watershed Inspection Program
    ACTION: Deliver “Welcome packages” to new homeowners about proper septic system maintenance – Watershed Inspection Program
    ACTION: Continue distribution of updated NYS Health Department brochure on septic systems- CCE, Health Department and Watershed Inspection Program
    ACTION: Support the project to extend public sewers to Koenig Point in Owasco – WQMA
    ACTION: Visit properties in densely populated areas (i.e. mobile home parks, clusters of camps nearshore, etc,) on a more frequent basis to monitor for septic system failure – Watershed Inspection Program
    ACTION: When meeting with Health Department staff in Onondaga and Tompkins Counties, encourage these counties to consider adopting a septic system inspection program similar to Cayuga County – Watershed Inspection Program

  3. PRIORITY: Waterfowl

  4. ACTION: Support the continuation of the USDA program to remove resident geese from Emerson Park – WQMA
    ACTION: Research the effectiveness of light reflecting prisms at the park to discourage waterfowl. – Parks
    ACTION: Encourage elected officials to allow nuisance permits for seagulls – Parks
    ACTION: Continue discouraging the feeding of waterfowl - Parks, Duck Lake Association
    ACTION: Work with Dave Figura of the Post Standard and the editor of the Citizen to write articles encouraging hunting since there is a longer hunting season – Parks
    ACTION: Continue harassment of waterfowl at the beaches - Parks

  5. PRIORITY: Stormwater

  6. ACTION: Install medallions on storm drains–Watershed Inspection Program
    ACTION: Promote the use of rain barrels and rain gardens – CCE
    ACTION: Provide maps to municipalities showing areas of high risk when ditching in the spring and fall - Planning
    ACTION: Educate homeowners regarding the impact of landscaping on stormwater - CCE, Watershed Inspection Program
    ACTION: Create and maintain an inventory and condition of ditches - Watershed Inspection Program
    ACTION: Install sediment traps as a pilot project - Watershed Inspection Program
    ACTION: Reach out to highway superintendents regarding proper ditch maintenance – SWCD, Watershed Inspection Program
    ACTION: Investigate which County properties might be good locations for permeable pavements based upon soils – SWCD
    ACTION: Encourage the installation of permeable pavement where possible – Planning, Parks

  7. PRIORITY: Pet Waste

  8. ACTION: Provide education regarding proper handling of pet waste –CCE, Watershed Inspection Program, Duck Lake Association

  9. PRIORITY: Agriculture

  10. ACTION: Encourage DEC to increase penalties for water quality violations - WQMA
    ACTION: Encourage DEC to increase the frequency of inspections of CAFOs - WQMA
    ACTION: Create sampling program plan around CAFOs during runoff, snowmelt and rain events -Watershed Inspection Program, Health, Planning, SWCD
    ACTION: Encourage cooperation with DEC when determining CAFO penalties -WQMA
    ACTION: Encourage DEC to include environmental projects as part of any penalties issued - WQMA
    ACTION: Encourage farmers within the Owasco Watershed to allow SWCD to review their nutrient management plans. - SWCD, Watershed Inspection Program
    ACTION: Increase inspections of agricultural lands during the winter and spring - Watershed Inspection Program
    ACTION: Provide roadshow to help inform manure applicators – SWCD
    ACTION: Educate planners on numbered streams, bedrock, susceptible soils, and other available resources at the Cayuga County Planning Department – SWCD
    ACTION: Encourage the use of model leases which specifies spreading conditions that are allowed – CCE
    ACTION: Create a relationship network between farmers who have excess manure and crop farmers/gardeners who may need fertilizer – CCE
    ACTION: Provide education regarding the risk of spreading of manure on frozen ground, or during rainy season – SWCD, CCE
    ACTION: Seek grants to cover costs of the installation of BMPs along watercourses – SWCD
    ACTION: Investigate the feasibility of providing tax breaks or incentives to farmers who maintain buffers – Planning, SWCD
    ACTION: Encourage the use of Conservation Easements, Finger Lakes Land Trust, and American Farmland Trust – Planning, CCE
    ACTION: Encourage/require water quality improvement practices to protect streams on properties that receive County or State funding – Planning
    ACTION: Identify farms where cows have access to streams – Watershed Inspection Program and SWCD
    ACTION: Seek funding opportunities for fencing and alternative water source to keep cows out of streams – SWCD
    ACTION: Encourage cover crops, especially in areas with steep slopes and highly erodible soils – SWCD
    ACTION: Provide education on the positive benefits of cover crops SWCD
    ACTION: Seek grants to encourage the use of cover crops – SWCD and OWLA
    ACTION: Encourage Manure Injection – SWCD
    ACTION: Reach out to the non-CAFO farmers to improve their practices – SWCD and CCE