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Other Resources

  • Presentations from 2013 Aquatic Invasive Species Identification Workshops
  • "Through the Looking Glass: A field guide to aquatic plants" (1997) By Susan Borman, Robert Korth and Jo Temte. A large-format field guide to aquatic plants in North America is accessible and inviting to general readers, yet detailed enough for use by botanists and natural resource managers.

  • "Summary of a Survey of the Literature on the Economic Impact of Aquatic Weeds." (August 2003) By H. William Rockwell, Jr. The Economic Impact of Aquatic


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General Information on Invasive Aquatic Plants

Information on Invasive Aquatic Plants in New York State Information on Invasive Species in the Great Lakes

Information on Water Chestnut Information on Eurasian Watermilfoil Information on Waterbodies