Weeds Watch Out!

Invasive Aquatic Plants Information


  • Native plants: Historically existed in a given area.
  • Exotic plants: not indigenous to an area, but were transported or introduced from another region or part of the world.
  • Invasive Plants: are not native to a given area and reproduce so rapidly that they can displace native species and alter natural ecosystems.  All exotic plants are not invasive. 
Characteristics of Invasive Plants
  • Establish Easily
  • Produce High Number Offspring
  • Grow and Proliferate Quickly
  • Disperse Over a Wide Area
  • Persist Without Cultivation
  • Have advantages over Native Species
Impacts of Invasive Plants
  • Increased competition with native plants
  • Alteration of environmental conditions
  • Reduction in variety and diversity of species
  • Impacts on people
    • aesthetic-invasive plants decrease the quality of life and aesthetic value of a water body.
    • economic-clogged and infested water ways decrease property values, hurt tourism, impact fisheries, and cost communities money for control and management of plants.
    • recreation-invasive plants impede swimming, boating, fishing, and navigation opportunities
  • Less suitable habitat for fish and wildlife
  • Impacts on food chain and effects on ecosystem
Invasive Aquatic Plants Photos and Descriptions

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