Options for Payment

Options for Payment


Payments may be made by personal check, official or certified bank check, money order, cash, and/or credit card.  Personal checks are accepted subject to collection, for which this office assumes no responsibility.  If a check is returned for any reason, a $25 returned check fee will be added to your account.

Payments for taxes on parcels in foreclosure CANNOT be paid with a personal or business check.  Payments for these parcels must be made with guaranteed funds (i.e. official or certified bank check, money order, cash, and/or credit card).   

Payments sent in the mail can only be accepted by the date postmarked on the envelope. Without a postmark on the envelope, mailed payment will be accepted and processed as date they were received.  It is suggested that a taxpayer making a tax payment by mail near a deadline date, send the payment by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested. We highly recommend that cash NOT be sent via US mail.

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The County Treasurer accepts VISA, Master Card, and Discover cards.  Please note however, that if you choose to use a credit card or a check card, a convenience fee will be added to each transaction by the credit card processor in addition to any tax, penalty and interest charged.  Please telephone our office at (315) 253-1211 for further information.

Credit card payments can be made in person in the County Treasurer’s Office or by phone.  The Treasurer’s Office requires signed authorization prior to processing any credit card transactions by phone.  The Credit Card Authorization Form should be filled in per the directions on the form and faxed to 315-253-1369 or mailed to the Treasurer’s Office.

On-line credit card payments are now available for delinquent taxes.  However, payment must be made on the full delinquent amount.

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