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Welcome to the Cayuga County Office of Real Property Services

Towns of Genoa and Ledyard Supporting Sales Books

Village of Aurora Residential Non-Waterfront Sales

Town of Ledyard Residential Non-Waterfront Sales

Town of Genoa Residential Non-Waterfront Sales

Aurora, Ledyard and Genoa Residential Waterfront Sales

Aurora, Ledyard, and Genoa Vacant Land Sales


The Cayuga County Office of Real Property Services provides information and services to the general public, local assessors and other government agencies. The staff maintains and publishes tax maps and data related to the generation of town, city, village and school district assessment, tax rolls and tax bills. It is our sincere effort to always provide prompt, courteous attention to all requests for information, products and services.

In our office you will find:

  • Tax maps
  • Assessment rolls
  • Tax rolls
  • Real Property transfer records
  • Real Property Exemption applications
  • Escrow and change of address forms
  • Annual Real Property tax auction information

We are located in the County Office Building - 5th Fl, 160 Genesee St, Auburn, NY

Contact us at (315) 253-1270

Kelly Anderson, Certified County Director of Real Property Services