Cayuga County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event


This fall Cayuga County's Household Hazardous Waste Day provides all City of Auburn and Cayuga County residents the opportunity to dispose of household hazardous waste in a safe manner. Proper disposal protects human health, our community and the environment. 

Date, Time and Registration: 

Acceptable Household Hazardous Wastes Include: 

  • Products containing chemicals 
  • Oil based paints, oil based stains 
  • Turpentine, paint thinners, brush cleaners 
  • Pesticides (weed killers, insect sprays, fungicides) 
  • Mercury thermometers, barometers and liquid mercury (quick silver) 
  • Fluorescent tubes and bulbs (contains mercury) 
  • Liquid driveway sealer 
  • Household cleaners 
  • Gasoline, gas/oil, oil/water, gas/water mixtures 
  • Antifreeze 
  • Mothballs 
  • Pool chemicals 
  • Photograph developing chemicals 
  • Button cell batteries (from hearing aids, cameras, etc.)
  • Propane tanks
  • NEW:  Smoke detectors
Look for warnings on labels such as danger, caution, toxic, flammable, corrosive, and reactive. These are hazardous materials that can cause water pollution and human injuries if they are poured on the ground, down the drain, or placed in the trash. 

Changes to note:

  • We do not take alkaline AA, AAA, C, D or 9-volt batteries.  They are NOT toxic and can go in the trash.
  • We can NOT accept rechargeable batteries.  Please bring them to Lowes or Home Depot to recycle for free.


If you have any questions about whether or not a specific item will be accepted, please call Cornell University Cooperative Extension of Cayuga County at 315-255-1183.


This event is sponsored by the Cayuga County Legislature, Cayuga County Department of Planning and Economic Development and the Cayuga County Soil and Water Conservation District. Communication and registration is provided by Cornell University Cooperative Extension of Cayuga County. Major funding is provided by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Cayuga County Legislature.