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August 2018

Site Plan Review

Presenters will discuss the fundamentals of Site Plan Review, including what to look for to ensure a safe, functioning plan is approved.  Attendees will leave with a basic understanding of how to read and interpret scaled site plans.

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April 2018

Hot Button Land Use Issues

Local governments are not able to regulate all uses the same way: some uses have special statutory protection or rules established through case law and require special consideration, such as religious uses, mining, and telecommunications facilities. Other uses might be new to the local officials attempting to regulate them, such as solar energy facilities, barn weddings, and short-term rentals. This course is an overview of some of the land uses that many local officials find challenging, along with the statutory rules and case law associated with them and options for regulating them

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March 2018

Planning Issues for Waterfront Communities

This course discussses the issues centered around communities with waterfront properties.  Topics such as the regulation of short term rentals, waterfront revitalization projects, and environmental land use regulation are discussed.

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November  2017

Building the Community You Want

A discussion of various zoning tools, such as Overlay Zones, Performance Regulations, and Planned Development
Districts, and how they may applied to achieve a community's planning goals.

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September 2017

Leasing Your Land For Renewable Energy Development

Many Landowners isn Cayuga County have been approached with offers to lease their land for the development of solar or wind energy projects. The Cayuga County Planning Department is hosting this informational meeting for rural landowners to learn about the pros and cons of leasing their land for renewable energy development.

Scott Kurkoski, ESQ. is the invited speaker. Mr. Kurkoski is a partner in the Binghamton, New York law firm of Levene Gouldin & Thompson, LLP. He received his B.A. degree from Ithaca College (1985) and his J.D. degree from Temple University Law School (1989). Mr. Kurkoski concentrates his practice in the areas of energy, commercial litigation and business and real estate transactions. He is Chair of the Levene Gouldin & Thompson Energy Practice Group and Chair of the Broome County Bar Association Energy Committee.

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August 2017

Natural Resource Protection

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March 2017

Introduction to Planning Boards and Zoning Boards of Appeal

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November 2016

Planning For Solar

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July 2016

Stormwater Management

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Municipal Regulation of Solar

March 2016

Introduction to the Zoning Board of Appeals

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July 2015

The Basics of Site Plan Review

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Example Plans

April 2015

Rural Planning- NYS DOS Presentation

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Revising Zoning- NYS DOS Presentation

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March 2015

Nonconforming Uses: How to Regulate and Enforce Legally Nonconforming Uses

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Introduction to Subdivision Review and Making Better Decisions

Hazard Mitigation and You: What You Need to Know

May 2014

Complete Streets Walking Workshop

April 2014

Stormwater Regulation for Local Review Boards

Intermunicipal Planning

March 2014

Farm Stands, Tasting Rooms, and Agritourism: Where Agricultural and Commercial Uses Intersect

September 2013

Balance on a Steep Slope: How to Protect Sensitive Natural Features without Stifling Development

July 2013

Updates to State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR)

Some of the outside links have changed since this presentation was given. The links below are the current effective links, but some of the documents may contain older links.The new Environmental Assessment Forms (EAF) are now required for all newly submitted projects.

May 2013

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Regulatory 101

April 2013

Locally Unwanted Land Uses

Record Keeping

March 2013


February 2013

Introduction to Zoning Board of Appeals

November 2012

Introduction to Zoning Board of Appeals

July 2012

Smart Growth and Visualizing Density

April 2012

Planning & Zoning Case Law Update


November 2011


September 2011

Planning for Renewable Energy

Introduction to Zoning Board of Appeals


Sample Applications for Appeals to the Zoning Board of Appeals

Sample Decisions

Decision Support Worksheets

July 2011

Introduction to Planning Board

April 2011

Planned Development Districts

How to Conduct Effective Meetings