Business Certificates

Business Certificates


Sole Proprietor (Individual)
Partnership Certificate (more than 1 individual)

DBA (Doing Business As) Filings
State law provides that the County Clerk's Office files certificates for person(s) conducting business under an assumed business name. These are usually referred to as DBA's.

The Business Certificate forms for filing can be obtained: in our office; at various legal stationery & office supply stores or by clicking here.

All signatures must be notarized, photo identification is required.


There are three basic DBA filings: Original; Amendment; Discontinuance. Be sure to select the correct form based on the type of DBA certificate you are filing.


$35.00 fee payable by cash, check or credit card for in office transactions.  There will be a $3.00 courtesy fee for credit card use.

 We will accept completed filings by mail, please include payment, (check or money order payable to: Cayuga County Clerk) and Self Addressed Stamped Envelope for return of certified copies.






DBA's must be filed in the county that the business is established. Prior to filing a review of already assigned names will be conducted to ensure that the desired name is available.
The fee is $35.00 to file your DBA and it includes two certified copies; one for your records and one that may be used to open a business bank account.








Amendments can be filed to change the business name, the business address, or to add or remove partners. Filing fee is $35.00. Completed amendments require reference to original or most recent filings. Our office can assist you with this information. An amendment to a Partnership requires signatures of 50% or more of involved partners to file.








To be filed when the individual or partners cease to conduct business, or ownership is transferred. Completed Discontinuances require reference to original filing and the clerk's office can assist you with this information. To file a Discontinuance for a Partnership signatures of at least 50% of partners is required.








The County Clerks Office maintains records for NYS Corporations and Limited Partnerships filed here by NYS. These certificates are processed through the NYS Department of State. Additional information is available at the New York State Department of State's website:








Please Note: You may need to download and install Adobe Reader to view and print the ".pdf" files below. Download it here (free).



  • Business Certificate (1 individual) Download
  • Business Certificate For Partners (More than 1 individual) Download
  • Amended Business Certificate Download
  • Certificate of Discontinuance of Business as Individual Download
  • Certificate of Discontinuance of Business as Partners Download and, both of these will be helpful to small businesses. HELP FOR SMALL BUSINESSES… Assistance with

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