Friday, October 31, 2014
Staff / Services

Full Time Staff:

Maureen Conley - Fire Services Administrator

Administrator Conley has been employed full time with Cayuga County since 2008. Maureen has a degree in Criminal Justice, and worked in the Allied Health profession for several years in logistics and management. After leaving Allied Health, Maureen successfully ran her own buisness until coming to the County. Maureen's management and logistics skills, her inate ability to rapidly adapt to crisis, and her maticulous attention to detail, have made her an invaluale addition to the County and the Office of Emergency Services.

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Part Time Staff:     

Larry Dygert - Deputy Director of Fire Services

Deputy Director Dygert has been employed part time with Cayuga County Emergency Services since 2005. He came to the County after a long and distinguished career in the Fire Services profession. He began his career as a paid firefighter in Dewitt NY. After a short tenure in Dewitt, he went on to a long and distinguished career with the City of Syracuse Fire Department. He retired in 2003 as Assistant Chief at the Hancock International Airport, specializing in aircraft rescue and fire fighting. In addition to his service as a paid firefighter in Syracuse, he served for several years as a volunteer firefighter and Chief with the Meridian Fire Department until 1982. He fully retired from the fire service in 2003, until Cayuga County called upon him for his experience and expertse to fulfill his current role.  Under the authority of the Director of Emergency Services, Deputy Director Dygert fulfills the role of County Fire Coordinator / Regional Fire Administrator and as such, interacts daily with the Office of Emergency Services and the men and women serving Cayuga County's 28 Fire Departments.

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Deputy Fire / Rescue Coordinators   Deputy Fire / EMS Coordinators  
   Battalion 2 - Tom Begley  EM 602            Battalion 2 - Deanna Gates  EM 902
   Battalion 3 - Bill Pelc  EM 603    Battalion 3 - Sam Giannittino  EM 903
   Battalion 4 - David James  EM 604    Battalion 4 - Jason Green  EM 904     
   Battalion 5 - Jim Perkins  EM 605    Battalion 5 - Travis Poole  EM 905
   Battalion 6 - Mike Deyneka  EM 606    Battalion 6 - David Newert       EM 906
Deputy Haz Mat Coordinator      
  Patsy DiNonno  EM 610    

 Services / Support Available:         
  • Incident Management Support
  • Resource Management Support
  • Fire Service Photo Identification
  • Fire Service Accountability Tags
  • Administrative Support
  • Fit Testing Support
  • Fire Service Training Management
  • Fire Instructor / Schedule Coordination
  • Fire Training Tower Management
  • Liaison with NY State Training Programs
  • Fire Training Tower Management
  • Policy / Procedure Development Support
  • Special Operations / Team Coordination
  • Fire Advisory Board Support
  • Association of Emergency Services Liason
  • OSHA / PESH Liason Services
  • NFPA Liason Servies
  • Fire District / Municipality Support