• Attorney

County Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm
Summer Hours:
8:00 am- 4:00pm

Phone:(315) 253-1274

Email:  coatty@cayugacounty.us

Directions to County Office Building
160 Genesee Street Auburn, Ny 13021

Welcome to the Cayuga County Attorney's Office


Legal Adviser to County Legislature and every officer whose compensation is paid from county funds in all matters involving an official act of a civil nature. (County Law Section 501)
Prosecute and defend all civil actions and proceedings brought by or against the county, the County Legislature and any officer whose compensation is paid from county funds for any official act except as may be otherwise specifically provided by law. (County Law Section 501)

  • Employ and supervise counsel when needed for any civil action or proceeding brought by or against the county or any county officer in his official capacity. (County Law Section 501)
  • Supervise insurance claims processing and insurance and risk management consultants. Act as administrator of the liabilty self-insurance fund with regard to portions not insured and claims we defend on our own with our litigation defense counsel.
  • Counsel to Soil Water Conservation District, Sterling Commission, Cayuga College, and every county department.
  • Prepare and review resolutions to be submitted to the County Legislature and be present at Legislature meetings for consultations during meetings.
  • Act as prosecutor for juvenile delinquents who commit offenses that would be crimes if committed by adults. (Section 254 Family Court Act)
  • Supervision of Social Services Legal Services office. This is the only source of revenue for the County Attorney's Office. Social Services pays a percentage of county attorney's salary and Assistant County Attorney's salary based on time records and pay all of the salaries of one full time and one part time Social Services Attorneys.
  • Every prisoner or poor person who ask a judge to waive filing fees because he/she is too poor to pay them has to file proof with this office of poverty.