Pistol Permits

Pistol Permits in Cayuga County Frequently Asked Questions

Pistol Permit Informational Guide
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In order to better serve the residents of Cayuga County, the Sheriff’s Office has developed this site to answer your questions with regards to concealed weapon permits. If you are planning to apply for a NYS pistol permit as a resident of Cayuga County, please take a moment to read the information that follows.

What is the basic criteria for applying for a permit?

You must:

1. Be at least 21 years of age.
2. Reside in Cayuga County.
3. Provide proof of residency by submitting a valid New York State driver’s license.
4. Pass a background check, the purpose of which is to ensure all paperwork is properly completed and whether all criteria submitted is met as specified in New York State Penal Law 400.00. The background check includes a criminal record check by the State of New York, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office, other law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Mental Health.
5. Submit two (2) non-refundable processing fees to cover the costs associated with fingerprinting, photographs, and background checks (fees are listed in section four).
6. Have successfully completed an approved handgun safety course and submit an original certificate prior to the issuance of a permit.
Proof of honorable discharge from a branch of the United States Armed Forces, current military service or as a member of a law enforcement agency with proof of firearms training and qualifications is acceptable. Military personnel must produce evidence of official qualification in firearms during the term of service.
NOTE: A hunter safety or comparable course is NOT acceptable.

Can a pistol permit application be mailed or faxed to me?
We are unable to mail or fax applications as they must be completed on an original New York State form. If you would like an application you may pick one up at the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm.
How do I apply for a permit?
* Obtain an application packet and, carefully following the instructions on the cover sheet, fully complete the application.
* Have the application notarized prior to submitting your application.
* Provide a valid New York State driver's license or military photo identification.
* Submit processing fees.
* Submit an original accepted handgun safety certificate.
* Application processing is conducted only by appointment by calling the Special Services Section at 315-253-4148. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
* A set of fingerprint and photographs will be taken at the time your application is submitted.
What are the required fees of a new permit application?
Two separate fees are required at the time the application is submitted:
* A $20.00 fee payable only by either cash or money order made out to the Cayuga County Sheriff. This fee covers the fingerprinting, photography and processing of the application.
* A $91.50 fee made payable by money order to the Cayuga County Sheriff to cover fees required by the Division of Criminal Justice Services and Federal Bureau of Investigation for criminal record background checks.
No personal checks will be accepted.
What types of criminal arrest/offenses must I disclose?
* You must disclose ALL arrests for offenses of the law, even if the charges were dismissed or the criminal record was sealed. This includes DWI and DWAI charges, with the exception of minor traffic infractions.
* Failure to disclose any criminal offense will disqualify the application and may lead to criminal charges.
How long will my permit remain vaild?
Your permit is valid until suspended or revoked by the issuing court.
How do I obtain a duplicate permit should mine be lost or destroyed?
* You may obtain a duplicate permit by filing a duplicate request form at the Cayuga County Sheriff's Office, Mon-Fri from 8:30am-4:30pm.
* The fees for obtaining a duplicate permit are $10 cash or money order payable to the Cayuga County Sheriff.
How long does the permit process take?
* The process is usually completed within 3 months after all requirements are met.
How can I obtain a handgun safety certificate?

* A handgun safety certificate can only be obtained from an approved training course. Currently the only accepted courses are those endorsed by the Central New York Police Academy in Onondaga County. You may register by calling 315-498-6046 or via website here.

" You are not required to take a handgun safety course if you are applying for a duplicate permit.


ONLY a handgun safety certificate issued by the following certified instructors will be accepted.
Central New York Police Academy (Onondaga Community College) 495-6046
Kevin Dix 695-1209 or 592-8724
Steve Townsend 469-7249 or 374-3676
Matt Mallory 849-2886 or 567-9268 or
Ricardo Riostirado 804-6953 or 532-4573 or email

What types of pistol permit can I apply for?
 Generally there are (3) types of pistol permits:
1. Carry Concealed: without regard to employment or place of possession
a. By any person when "proper cause" exists for the issuance thereof according to Article 400.00 of the NYS Penal Law
b. To carry with listed restrictions

2. Possess On Premise:
a. Have and possess in a dwelling by a homeowner ONLY
b. Have and possess in one place of business by a merchant or storekeeper ONLY

3. Carry Concealed/Employment with regard to employment

Those applicants applying for a CARRY CONCEALED pistol license must be able to demonstrate a special need for the issuance thereof by completing the required "proper cause" supplemental form. No permit will be issued without the form.
Those applicants who desire a pistol license for the purpose of sportsman activities such as hunting, target shooting, competitions, hiking, camping, collecting, etc., will be issued a SPORTSMAN restriction on their license.
Those applicants who desire a POSSESS ON PREMISE license must understand that this is not a carry license and restricts the possession of the handgun(s) to the dwelling address or place of business address as listed on the application. If this address should change, the application process will begin again with all fees applicable.
Those applicants wishing a carry concealed permit for their jobs must have a letter from their employer stating that they require the individual to carry during the performance of his/her duties. The restrictions on the license will appear as EMPLOYMENT. 
How do I find Article 400.00 Licensing and other Provisions relating to Firearms?
Article 400.00 of the New York State Penal Law may be found at your local library, bookstore or online.
Where is my permit/license valid?
According to NYS Penal Law Article 400.00:
" Any license issued pursuant to this section shall be valid notwithstanding the provisions of any local law or ordinance. No license shall be transferable to any other person or premises. A license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver, not otherwise limited as to place or time of possession, shall be effective throughout the state, except that the same shall not be valid within the City of New York unless a special permit granting validity is issued by the police commissioner of that city."
What happens if I change my address?
* If you change addresses within Cayuga County, you must complete a NYS amendment form which may be obtained at the Cayuga County Sheriff's Office or by printing a copy (here).
* If you move outside of Cayuga County or move into Cayuga County from another county it is recommended that you transfer you permit to your new county of residency by submitting a NYS amendment form.
What is the cost of filling and amendment form or completing a transfer?
* The cost of filing an amendment, whether to change addresses, add a handgun to a permit or delete a handgun from a permit is $3.00.
* The cost of transferring your permit is a $5.00 fee payable to each county. NOTE: there may also be other county fees associated with the transfer as determined by each county. 
Ho do I obtain a coupon to pick up a handgun I just purchased?
* Coupons to possess handguns are only issued upon proper filing of a NYS amendment form with the Cayuga County Sheriff's Office, thus completing the registration process of your handgun.
Is there a contact number should I have additional questions?
Please feel free to contact the Special Services Section at 315-253-4148 or the Records Division at 315-253-1148.