Owasco Flats

Owasco Flats




Owasco Flats


Enjoy nature at it's finest on this 89-acre preserve with trails on the lake and along the Owasco Lake inlet. Hiking, fishing, bird watching, photography, great canoeing and kayaking.

Open dawn to dusk year round.

This park features a large fern and willow marsh, and flood plain forest with the Owasco Inlet winding through it's center. Owasco Flats was also the original name of the town of Moravia. This fertile valley was first cultivated by Native Americans.  Around 1850 a plank road was built across it, later replaced by the Lehigh Valley Railroad which is no longer in operation.

Location:  At the south end of Owasco Lake near South Shore Marina at Cascade.

Owasco Flats Trail

The hiking loop utilizes the former Lehigh Valley Railroad rail-bed. Surface: dirt (can be muddy)