Breastfeeding Workshop - Aug 10, 2016

Catherine Watson Genna BS, IBCLC

Catherine Watson Genna has been an IBCLC in private practice in NYC since 1992. She has a special interest in the anatomical, genetic and neurological influences on infant sucking skills, and writes and speaks on these topics. She serves as associate editor of Clinical Lactation. Catherine’s research includes using ultrasound and cervical auscultation to study sucking and suck:swallow coordination in infants with ankyloglossia as well as biomechanical aspects of breastfeeding. She is an avid clinical photographer and the author of Supporting Sucking Skills in Breastfeeding Infants (Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2013 and 2008) and Selecting and Using Breastfeeding Tools (Hale Publishing, 2009).


Morning Session

The Non-Latching Infant

One of the biggest challenges of lactation consultant practice is the non-latching infant. Designed for mixed groups of hospital and private practice lactation consultants and health care providers, this presentation provides equal emphasis on in patient and out patient issues for non-latching infants. Advanced strategies for helping infants who don’t latch are covered in the final half of the presentation. This presentation is copiously illustrated with clinical photos and video.

Consequences of Not Breastfeeding

A review of recent research on the importance of breastfeeding to lifelong physical and emotional health, framed with breastfeeding as the biological norm.

Second Session

Reflux, GERD and Breastfeeding

Irritable infants are commonly diagnosed with reflux, but might also be suffering from feeding related difficulties or allergy. This presentation explores the recent research on regurgitation, reflux and GERD in infants and their relationship to feeding problems. Clinical evaluation and management of breastfeeding issues that can contribute to reflux are also covered.

Breastfeeding Strategies for Tongue-tied Infants

How do we help infants to breastfeed when they have a mild to moderate tongue-tie? This presentation focuses on the management of breastfeeding in tongue-tied infants. Includes positioning and latch strategies, assessment of breastfeeding, overcoming problems with milk transfer, and exercises that might help improve sucking problems.