Preschool Special Education Program

Preschool Special Education Program

Program Overview:

The preschool Special Education Program is a partnership between the Cayuga County Health Department and local school districts, providing services for children ages 3-5 who exhibit delays in development that affect current “academic” success. Services received depend upon the extent of your child’s needs, as determined by an evaluation provided by an independent evaluator.

Port of entry for this program is a child’s local school district – the committee for
Pre-School Special Education Chairperson. He/ She will arrange for an evaluation, based upon the concerns you have. You may refer to Section 4410 of the State Education Law for eligibility criteria.

Once your child is determined eligible for pre-school special education services, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed.

The Health Department’s primary responsibilities include:
  • Payer of services
  • Coordination of transportation to services
  • Holding contracts with providers of services

Contact Preschool Special Education Program Director at (315) 253-1560