Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Program Overview:

The New York State Department of Health recommends every child be tested at one and two years of age. If your child has not been tested for lead, you should check with your health care provider or call the Health Department at 315-253-1560.

Our program provides:

    • lead testing
    • education
    • case management for children found to have elevated blood lead levels.

If a child has an elevated blood lead level, a Nurse will contact the family, provide guidance and education, and schedule a home visit. In some cases, a Home Assessment is conducted by Environmental Health to determine where in the home the child may be getting poisoned from. 

Our Community Health and Environmental Health staff work together to identify potential lead hazards and reduce the risk of lead exposure to the child and family members.        

We also create maps of our lead cases to identify high-risk neighborhoods and communities.

Prevention of lead poisoning is important. Education is offered to the public, professional groups (pediatric, family care and prenatal medical providers in our community), community organizations and daycare providers. If you would like more information on lead poisoning prevention efforts in Cayuga County, call the Health Department at 315-253-1560. 

For more information on lead poisoning prevention visit: