Fire Services

Cayuga County Fire Services

The mission of Cayuga County Fire Services is to continually facilitate Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration between Cayuga County Emergency Services, the New York State Office of Fire Prevention & Control, the 28 Fire Departments in Cayuga County (both paid and volunteer), and our contiguous County mutal aid Fire Service partners. 

Under the umbrella of Fire Services there are several special units and programs that are monitored, managed, and supported.  Click the link to the right on this page to find out more about specialized programs.

The impact of Fire Services is substantial across the County.  All of Cayuga County, except the City of Auburn, rely on the dedicated service of Volunteers.  These dedicated volunteers have come to rely upon the services and support of Fire Services to carry out their local mission of protecting their communities. 

Become a volunteer firefighter:

Every Community in Cayuga County, every town and every village needs your help.  Become a volunteer firefighter today.   Assist your friends and neighbors in one of their greatest times of need.  Training is free.  Contact the Fire Chief in the department closest to your residence.  They will provide you with all the information and guidance you will need.  There is no pay, but the greatest reward is knowing that your community, because of you, will get the help they need when they call 911. 

County Office Building Hours

County Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm

Dept. of Motor Vehicles Hours:
Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri -9:00am - 4:30pm
Thurs 9:00am - 6:00pm

Directions to County Office Building
160 Genesee Street Auburn, Ny 13021

Full Time Staff:

   Niel Rivenburgh - Acting Director of Emergency Services  EM-700
   Maureen Conley - Acting Deputy Director of Emergency Services  EM-800
   Melissa Reeves - Emergency Serices Administrator


Part Time Staff:

   Larry Dygert - Deputy Director of Fire Services  EM-601
   Michael Jorolemon DO, FACP, FAAEM, FAEMS - EMS Medical Director  EM-901


Part Time Deputy Fire / Rescue / EMS Coordinators: 

    Jeffery Dygert  EM-603   (Battalion 3)      Patrick Burns  EM-903  (Battalion 2)
     David James  EM-604   (Battalion 4)      Jason Green  EM-904
     James Perkins  EM-605  (Battalion 5)      Travis Poole  EM-905
     Michael Deyneks  EM-606  (Battalion 6)      David Newert  EM-906


Volunteer Unit Leaders:

     Angelo Messina  EM-616        Responder Rehab Unit


Part Time Fire Investigators:

    Bill Haynes  EM-650    Danial Baldwin  EM-657
    Scott Bloss  EM-653    Gretchen Wiggins  EM-658
    Robert Anthony  EM-656    Josh Nalley  EM-659


Volunteer Apprentice Fire Investigators:

   David Ware  EM-645
   John Sherman  EM-647
   George Brown  EM-648


Services and Support Available:

  • Incident Management Support
  • Fire Service Training Support
  • OSHA / PESH Liaison Support
  • Resource Management Support
  • State Fire Instructor Support
  • NFPA Liaison Support
  • Special Operations Coordination
  • County Training Grounds Support
  • Fire District / Municipality Support
  • Fire Services Administrative Support
  • NY State OFPC Liaison Support
  • Fire Advisory Board Support
  • Fire Service Accountability Tags
  • Fire Service ID
  • SCBA Fit Testing Support