Comprehensive Emergency Planning

Comprehensive Emergency Planning


Responding to and recovering from disasters is a complex undertaking.  A comprehensive approach to emergency management saves lives and minimizes property damage.  It emphasizes the interrelationship of activities, functions, and expertise necessary to deal with emergencies.  The Cayuga County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan ensures that the County can efficiently and effectively manage emergency/disaster situations.

The Cayuga County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) is a sectional management tool based on four operational concepts that aid our office in efficiently dealing with emergencies or disasters. These Operational Concepts of emergency management are:

  • Preparedness
  • Risk Reduction (Prevention & Mitigation)
  • Response
  • Recovery 

Preparedness - Is the act of getting or being prepared.  Individuals and communities should take the necessary steps that will best provide early awareness and sustained (72 hour) self-sufficency before an emergency or disaster occurs.

Risk Reduction - Is the act of planning or predetermining preventative and mitigation actions that can minimize impacts of an emergency or disaster prior to their occurrence.

Response - Is the act of taking steps or immediate actions when, and in some cases shortly before an emergency materializes. For example, receipt of advisories regarding floods, blizzards, or ice storms that could impact the jurisdiction may begin an increased readiness response phase.

Recovery - Is the act of taking steps necessary to restore a local community or the County to the pre-disaster state.

Along with the CEMP, are many annexes, which are functional and hazard specific operational guides.  These annexes are designed as stand alone plans that work in concert with the overriding management tool (the CEMP).   

The CEMP and annexes are “living” documents.  As conditions change or emergencies and disasters occur in the County, State and the Nation, the CEMP and Annexes are modified to meet the evolving emergency management needs of Cayuga County.

Review the Cayuga County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)