Auxiliary Police

Cayuga County Auxiliary Police

The Cayuga County Auxiliary Police are a Special Operations Unit that supports the County Emergency Services response by providing security, traffic management, and disaster assessment services under the authority of the Director of Emergency Services.

The Auxiliary Police was established pursuant to provisions of the Defense Emergency act of 1951 and is composed of civic-minded residents of the community who work together to improve the level of safety and security in their community.

All members of the Auxiliary Police are trained and certified by New York State as peace officers. All Auxiliary Police personnel are volunteers. 

During emergencies, the Unit is activated to provide on-site security for the Emergency Operations Center, mass gathering events, shelters, feeding centers, and any other setting where a law enforcement presence is needed and can relieve personnel from County, City or Town and Village police agencies.

During non-emergencies, the Unit is frequently requested to provide security and traffic management at pre-planned events such as the 4th of July Fireworks, the Great Race, Parades, and participates in multi-agency exercises and drills.  The presence of the Auxiliary Police, in uniform, and on patrol has been proven to reduce vandalism and other crimes in the these environments.  

The Auxiliary Police train for and perform these activities as well as limited patrol duties, acting as additional the eyes and ears for the regular law enforcement patrol force.

Volunteers are welcome to join the Unit. Before becoming a fully active member, an approved applicant must undergo a criminal background check and successfully complete peace officer training.


Auxiliary Police Officers must be 18 years of age or older
Accurate, verifiable application information
Successfull criminal background
No felony convictions

No conviction of any crime involving illegal or illicit substances
No conviction of any crime involving domestic violence or other physical violence
No conviction of any crimes or offenses involving official misconduct, perjury or issues that involve public trust.
Valid New York State Driver’s License. 
Resident of Cayuga County (persuant with New York State Public Officers Law, peace officers must be residents of the County in which they are appointed to serve.)




Cayuga County Office of Emergency Services