Town of Sennett

This content was adapted from Along the Roads Through Sennett’s Past: Town of Sennett History, pages 5 to 7 (1977).

Early Days

In the early days, in 1772, Sennett was part of Tyron County, changed to Montgomery County in 1784. It was part of Herkimer County, formed in 1791, and of Onondaga (which included the original Military Tract) March 5, 1794; and as the land was further subdivided because of the increased settlement, it became part of Cayuga County on March 8, 1799.

Town Organized

The Town of Sennett was organized March 19, 1827 at the house of Ebenezer Phelps, and the first town meeting was also held on April 3, 1827.