Important Assessor Dates

  • January 1st - Town and County taxes become due, payable to the Town Tax Collector
  • March 1st - Taxable Status Date
    • The Assessor is required by New York State law to value property as it is on this date. A partially completed building will receive a partial assessment based on its estimated percentage of completion as of March 1st. If you suffer a loss to your property (such as fire or demolition) after this date you will see no reduction for that loss on forthcoming roll. Exemption forms must be filed by this date also.
  • May 1st - Tentative Roll Books and Values available at the Town Office
    • The tentative roll is a list, in property ID order, of all Real property in the Town as of Taxable Status Date. Some of the information on these parcels includes owner's names, locations, acreage, property class, assessed values, and exemptions.
  • Last Week of May or First Week of June - Board of Assessment Review. Note: You may download a BAR application from the New York State Office of Real Property Services website.
  • 4th Tuesday in May - Grievance Day
    • All complaints about assessments and exemptions must be received no later than this day. If you fail to file your complaint by grievance day you will not be able to file again until the next year. The Board of Assessment Review begins its hearings on this date.
  • July 1st - Final Roll and Values will be available at the Town Hall
    • Any changes made to the Tentative Roll by the Board of Assessment Review will show on this roll.
  • September 1st - School taxes are due, payable to the School Tax Collector

Assessment Information

Assessment Information is available at the Cayuga County Real Property Services Department.