County Court House

The Cayuga County Probation Department is located within a County Court House, therefore anyone coming into the Probation Department will first have to go through court security.

There are some holidays on which courts are closed, but the Probation Department is open, such as Lincoln's Birthday, Juneteenth, and Election Day. On these days, the front door is locked, therefore if you need to come to the Probation Department on one of these days, you will need to call the staff you are here to see, as they will have to come to the front entrance to let you in.

If there are any questions regarding the information above, please contact your Probation Officer, or feel free to contact the Cayuga County Probation Department at 315-253-1246.

Restitution Payments

  1. Accepted Payments
  2. Using GovPayNet/allpaid