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Town of Conquest Transfer Station Guidelines

Permits are available at the Clerk’s Office for $50 per year (January 1 to December 31) to residents only.

Please note that each transfer station permit is for use by one household only!

Transfer Station Permit Application

Transfer Station Attendant

Dan Sheppard
Phone: 315-776-9090

Winter Hours
September through May
Saturdays and Sundays
9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Summer Hours
June through August
3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Saturdays and Sundays
9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The change in times will be posted and also advertised in the Shopping Guide.



Put clean clear food jars or juice bottles with tops off in the recycling bin. Absolutely no household glass (examples: dishes, drinking glasses, light bulbs, etc.); these items go in town garbage bags! 


Put clean food, pet and coffee cans with tops off in recycling bin. Absolutely no pots or pans (these go on the metal pile) or aerosol cans of any kind (whipped cream to bug spray, etc.). Paint cans must be empty and dry; aerosol and paint cans belong in Town garbage bags!


Put clean milk jugs, soap bottles, etc. with tops off in the recycling bin. Don’t put anything in that crinkles in your hand; egg cartons, etc. Absolutely no automotive jugs - oil, antifreeze, etc. - these belong in Town garbage bags! Please crush jugs!


All garbage and household trash must be put Town of Conquest bags; absolutely no other bags are allowed! Bags may be purchased at the transfer station or clerk’s office for $2.00 each.  Please note that anything that will fit in a bag must be in a yellow town bag.  Absolutely no dumping of buckets, barrels, etc. in the dumpster!  


Absolutely no bagged items are allowed in the dumpster. Items that are bagged must go in town garbage bags and put in the garbage bin.


  • Batteries are to be put in the barrel by the paper door.
  • Metal: put in metal pile. Absolutely no refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners will be accepted.
  • Newspapers are to be put in brown paper bags; no mail!
  • No Electronics are accepted
  • No roofing shingles will be accepted
  • Tires: pick-up and car tires are $4 each large truck and tractor tires are $10 each. See attendant before you drop them off!
  • Wood: tree branches, 2 by 4’s etc. Go on the hill.  No adulterated wood of any kind can go in the wood pile. All pressure treated, painted, stained, etc. wood must go in the dumpster.  


Large Items

Large items such as furniture will only be accepted the last weekend of each month.

Do not unload any items until they have been checked by the attendant and paid for.

  • Items 4’ and larger will be charged a fee of $10.00 per item. (Couches, love seats, mattresses, etc.)
  • Items under 4’ will be charged a fee of $5.00 per item.  (Living room chairs, sm. dressers, etc.)
  • Mattresses $20.00 each


Please ask the attendant.

Guideline Changes

Any changes will be posted; please take notice of any signs posted!

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