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While the administration continues to strive to maintain a high level of customer service and client satisfaction, the Cayuga County Water and Sewer Authority (CCWSA) applied and was approved for grants to upgrade its water metering system throughout its service areas. This approach to upgrading the equipment with modern technology, a continuous process, has been technically successful and we continue to have timely and accurate water consumption reports and billings. We appreciate our customer’s patience and willingness to work with our staff.

Customer Areas

The Authority supplies potable water to residential customers throughout rural areas of Cayuga County. The Authority also supplies water to the Villages of Port Byron and Weedsport, the Towns of Mentz, Montezuma, Brutus, Springport and the New York State Thruway Authority.

Improvements in Fiscal Year 2015

Fiscal year 2015 improvements included upgrades of primary transmission line pressure reducing valves in the Route 38/31 water system. The installation of a new master meter was completed at the main connection point to supply. Installation of a master meter pit and system at the connection of CCWSA Water District 3, on Experimental Road, Aurelius was also completed by CCWSA. We supply water to homes on portions of:

  • Bluefield Road; Experimental Road; Overbrook Drive; Pinckney Road

The CCWSA also provides water to the Town of Springport via this District. The water is treated and supplied by the City of Auburn, through the Town of Aurelius to the CCWSA District.

Improvements in Fiscal Year 2016

FY2016 operational and maintenance improvements included upgrades to the water system at Peach Tree Road. The previous water line was turned over to CCWSA by the previous owner of the Route 38 waterline when the new waterline was installed to replace the estimated 50-year-old system in 1999. The extended line was undersized, did not meet Department of Health standards, nor did it provide proper fire protection. The installation of approximately 600 feet of waterline and two hydrants was completed by CCWSA manpower.

In 2016 the Town of Mentz contracted with CCWSA to operate and maintain its water facilities, known as Mentz Water District 2. The District includes 44 properties along NYS Route 31, Baptist Hill Road and Rooker Drive. Property owners in the Mentz Water District 2 should call this agency with any questions or issues regarding the water supply to their homes.

Ongoing Maintenance

The Authority in continuing to upgrade and maintain its water facilities building at the connection to our supplier. Ongoing system maintenance provides assurance that the public water supply continues to be safe and secure.  Annual operations include hydrant flushing, exercising valves and curb stops.  A meter replacement program is ongoing.