Vietnam War Casualties

Names Engraved on Vietnam MemorialVeterans from Cayuga County, New York Who Gave Their Lives in Vietnam

NameRank & ServiceDate of DeathLocation of Name
John S. Alling Jr.
Sp. 4 U.S. ArmyNov. 26, 1968Panel 38W, Line 064, Auburn, NY
Gary A. Barnes
Sp. 4 U.S. ArmyAug. 19, 1968Panel 48W, Line052, Auburn, NY
Robert S. Barnes
PFC U.S. ArmySept. 7, 1967Panel 26E, Line 021, Port Byron, NY
Larry R Dewey
Capt. U.S. ArmyMay 24, 1971Panel 03W, Line 053, Weedsport, NY
David a. Dixon
Sp. 4 U.S. ArmyMay 15, 1967Panel 19E, Line 126, Weedsport, NY
Joseph M. Donovan
LCPL U.S.M.C.March 5, 1967Panel 16E, Line 020, Auburn, NY
Johnston Dunlop
SSG U.S. ArmyApril 16, 1968Panel 50E, Line 013, Auburn, NY
Jesse G. Eastman
LCPL U.S.M.C.March 22, 1966Panel 06E, Line 038, Weedsport, NY
Gary W. Emmett
SFC U.S. ArmyMarch 5, 1966Panel 05E, Line 116, Auburn, NY
Ferdinand W. Glessing, Jr.
LCPL U.S.M.C.January 3, 1968Panel 33E, Line 028, Auburn, NY
Claude A. Hodge
HM2 U.S. NavyMay 17, 1967Panel 20E, Line 016, Auburn, NY
Lawrence W. Hoyt
LCPL U.S.M.C.May 21, 1970Panel 10W, Line 076, Cato, NY
Starrett J. Ingleston
Sgt. U.S. ArmyMarch 29, 1970Panel 12W, Line 057, Martville, NY
Francis D. Lupo
BU2 U.S. NavyMarch 6, 1971Panel 04W, Line 028, Auburn, NY
Merritt L. Murry
Cpl. U.S. ArmyOctober 30, 1968Panel 40W, Line 056, Genoa, NY
Frank T. Nevidomsky
PFC. U.S.M.C.May 27, 1968Panel 65W, Line 013, Auburn, NY
Joseph A. Puryear
Sp. 4 U.S. ArmyApril 10, 1968Panel 49E, Line 015, Auburn, NY
Thomas Y. Reynolds
PFC. U.S. ArmyMarch 23, 1968Panel 46E, Line 002, Auburn, NY
John J. Rhodes
LCPL U.S.M.C.October 22, 1967Panel 28E, Line 051, Auburn, NY
Brian P. Russell
Sgt. U.S. ArmyJanuary 15, 1971Panel 05W, Line 046, Port Byron, NY
Donald J. Ryan
Cpl. U.S.M.C.October 10, 1967Panel 27E, Line 086, Auburn, NY
Edward D. Smith Jr.
MSGT U.S. Air ForceSeptember 23, 1975Panel 02W, Line 123, Red Creek, NY
Daryl K. Stannard
SFC U.S. ArmyMay 14, 1966Panel 07E, Line 060, Fair Haven, NY
Robert F. Stryker
Sp. 4 U.S. ArmyNovember 7, 1967Panel 29E, Line 045, Auburn, NY
Terry E. Toole
Cpl. U.S. ArmyJune 8, 1969Panel 23W, Line 115, Auburn, NY
Charles F. Whitfield Jr.
PFC U.S. ArmyAugust 26, 1966Panel 10E, Line 049, Moravia, NY
Marc A. Woodworth
Sp 4 U.S. ArmyFebruary 14, 1969Panel 32W, Line 035, Auburn, NY