The Cayuga County Treasurer is an elected official within the county government of Cayuga County, New York. The staff of the Cayuga County Treasurer's Office is actively involved in the daily financial activities involved with the operation of the Cayuga County government.

Extensive records are accurately kept which makes the Cayuga County Treasurer's Office a small but essential part of Cayuga County Government operations.


The Cayuga County Treasurer's Office undertakes activities primarily in the following categories:


  • Cash management
  • Receive and disburse Federal, State and local funds as required
  • Develop and issue the County’s annual financial statements
  • Collection and regulation of County’s room occupancy tax
  • Oversees issuance and payment of county debts
  • Monitor the collection of the County’s share of sales tax
  • Maintain inventory of county government assets

Payroll and Benefits:

  • Administration of County payroll
  • Acceptance of retiree monthly health insurance payments

Tax Collection:

  • Collection of 2nd Installment Town and County Taxes, Delinquent Town and County Taxes, and Delinquent City School Taxes
  • Real Property Tax Foreclosures
  • Provides real property tax information to County taxpayers, local governments, banks and attorneys
  • Tax Searches
  • Issue Certificate of Residence for students that are Cayuga County residents and attending community college in another county
  • Collection of Cayuga County Court imposed fines, surcharges, dna fees, sor, and ssor fees
  • Maintenance of bail funds

Additional Services:

  • Serves as legal custodian for court and trust funds