Cayuga County Court of General Sessions

Court of Sessions 1655 through 1691

  • Jurisdiction in non criminal capital cases between £5 and £20, power to probate wills, grant administration in case of intestacy, order final accounting of estates, remove an executor or administrator, appoint a guardian
  • Ran twice a year outside New York City
  • Created under Duke's Laws
  • All wills registered in New York at the Office of the Secretary of the Province
  • In New York City wills registered at Mayor's Court

Court of Sessions of the Peace 1691 through 1896

  • Jurisdiction over criminal matters
  • Merged into county courts

Courts of Session (or General Session) 1777 through 1847

  • Jurisdiction over criminal matters
  • Circuit division of the Supreme Court of the Judicature
  • Appeals to Supreme Court of Judicature

Courts of Special Sessions ? through 1896

  • Jurisdiction over criminal matters
  • Appeals to Supreme Court General Term to 1824
  • Appeals to Court of Common Pleas after 1824
  • Abolished 1896 - merged to County Courts