May 13, 2020  Effective today our office is working with a limited staff so, until further notice, the DMV Office will no longer be able to accept phone calls from the public. We only have 40% of our staff due to the furlough and we are getting boxes of work to do on a daily basis.  

When you call the DMV public phone at 315-253-1241 you will hear a message that includes instructions, options and resources. You will not be given the option to speak to staff or to leave a voicemail.

During this time we will continue to process transactions we receive through the mail, and the transactions that are dropped off in in a locked drop box in front of the County Office Building. Please make sure with your transactions you include your name and phone number. You will receive a call if there are questions about your transactions.  

Our priority is to get your work processed. With just 4 out of 10 staff, this is the best we can do with the remaining staff..  

NOTE: ALL WORK WILL BE PROCESSED IN THE ORDER THAT WE RECEIVE IT.  KEEP READING: see link below for information to assist you in getting your questions answered and to find forms needed.

Expired licenses after March 1, 2020 have been extended by the Governor until the Department of Motor Vehicles Is open to the public.  In the interim, you may mail your renewal to our office at 160 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY 13021.  Please provide payment using a check made payable to “The Cayuga County Clerk”.  Your eye test may be done by your eye doctor or through a participating pharmacy.  Please ensure that if done by an eye doctor, you include the completed MV-619 vision report with your renewal.

Permit tests and road tests are not being offered or conducted until further notice due to the COVID-19 situation.

The Real ID requirements mandated previously have been extended to October 2021.

And remember, if you use our local DMV office, 12.7% of every transaction stays in the County.

So please consider either dropping off your transaction to the front lobby, or mailing it to us at the County Office Bldg, 160 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY 13021. Please include your name, address and phone number. We will call you when we complete your transaction or we can mail it back to you.

The only transactions that we are prohibited to do by the State DMV are face-to-face transactions –permits and CDL tests, and amending a driver’s license.

And the state has not informed us of when the road tests will be available.

Thank you for your business, and please share this information with your family and friends!

We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time and assure you that the remaining staff in the DMV is hard at work processing work for the public. 

Sincerely, Sue Dwyer Cayuga County Clerk

TEMPORARY PROCESS FOR VEHICLE REGISTRATION: Information To Complete The Following Transaction:  To receive license plates by mail:  you will also need to include a separate check for $5.00 payable to Cayuga County Clerk or a prepaid UPS or FedEx envelope.

  • registering a vehicle with new plates or plate transfer
  • re-registering a vehicle with new plates or transferring a registration

We want to keep our customers and staff save and do our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

Updated 3/23/20

Mail in, drop off and online service only starting Thursday, March 19. 

Our local DMV continues to be closed to the public, but we are continuing to process dealer work and mail. No in-person transactions will be done until further notice.   Residents can process transactions by mailing them to our office, drop off to security at the front door of the office building or online.  

Mail your renewals to:  DMV, 160 Genesee St., Auburn NY  13021 

Expiration dates have been extended as follows with no penalty for late renewals!  

License Renewal OPTION 1- YOU CAN WAIT UNTIL Executive Order Expires:   The Governor’s Executive Order has extended the following transactions through June 6, 2020: Expiration date for driver’s licenses and non-driver’s ID cards that expire on or after March 1, 2020 have been extended and the expiration date for the registrations of motor vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATV’s that expire on or after March 1, 2020 will be valid through June 6, 2020. 

OPTION 2-   You can renew now, go online to process your transactions. Just remember that in doing so none of your money stays in Cayuga County—it all goes to the state. NOTE: If you decide to create an online MyDMV account, you will no longer receive paper reminders; you will get email alerts. And make sure that you have the official DMV website—there are many fake ones out there!!

VEHICLE INSPECTIONS Extended:   A further executive order on 3/27/2020 extended the validity of all vehicle safety inspections expiring from the date of the order through May 15, 2020.

Cayuga County DMV Donate Life Collage

County Clerks are also agents for the New York State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. Cayuga County has a full service DMV office where our friendly and dedicated staff can quickly and efficiently serve you. We value and appreciate your business.

Local Office

We encourage you to use your local office because the County keeps 12.7% of every transaction done in our office, either in person or if you mail it to us (at 160 Genesee Street in Auburn, New York 13021). This helps to reduce your county tax levy.

Permits & Commercial Driver Licenses

Tests for permits and commercial driver licences will be administered daily (Monday through Friday) up to one hour prior to the close of the business day.