Grand Juror Selection & Information

If you are selected as a grand juror:

  • The Commissioner of Jurors will mail you a jury summons advising that you have been selected as a grand juror.
  • Each juror will be assigned a unique juror number which will appear on your jury summons. You should bring your summons with you when you first appear and you should remember your juror number for the duration of your grand jury service if you are selected.
  • You will report to the Historic Post Office Building Courthouse on the appointed day and time. The building is located at:
    153 Genesee Street
    Auburn, New York 13021
  • Courthouse staff and/or security will direct you where to go upon your arrival.
  • The Commissioner of Jurors will start the orientation process and provide you with a grand jury handbook. View a copy of the Grand Juror Handbook (PDF).

Video Presentation

A short video presentation prepared by the Office of Court Administration will give you some basics about jury service and the history of the jury system. Judge Judith Kaye, former Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals of the State of New York, the state's highest court, will address you and provide useful information to make your jury experience more interesting and meaningful.

Sworn in as a Grand Juror

 You will be sworn in as a grand juror by the County Court judge who will also go over a variety of legal concepts pertaining to your grand jury service.


Your orientation will be completed by the District Attorney’s Office in the Grand Jury Chambers, located behind the District Attorney’s Offices at:
95 Genesee Street
1st Floor
Auburn, NY 13021

Call-In Service

Once you have been formally sworn in you will no longer use the call in service for jury duty as you have been selected to sit and have been sworn in as a grand juror for Cayuga County.