ACT Program

The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team is a mobile, multidisciplinary, mental health team that brings support services and delivers comprehensive, person-centered treatment and rehabilitation to individuals over the age of 18 diagnosed with a mental illness. ACT Team services include help and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ACT Team also:

  • Has primary responsibility for all services. As a multidisciplinary team, rather than refer individuals to other programs and services, the team provides the treatment and services needed (including psychiatry).
  • Works with individuals in their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces and other places.
  • Works closely with each client to develop an individualized plan that is reviewed daily by all involved staff members.

The ACT team that serves Oswego County also serves Cayuga County (rather than Cayuga County having its own team). 

In order to be considered for ACT services in Cayuga County, an Oswego County referral form must be completed and submitted to the Cayuga County SPOA Coordinator. The Cayuga County SPOA Coordinator will review. If criteria is met and application is complete, Cayuga County SPOA Coordinator will forward to the Oswego County SPOA Coordinator. If an individual is also seeking housing in Cayuga County, a separate Cayuga County SPOA referral form must be completed.


Instructions for referral

  • Complete Oswego County SPOA form.
  • All pages must be completed and signed. If packet is incomplete, the referral process will be delayed. 
  • All three consents must be signed:
  1. Oswego County SPOA Referral Process Consent for Release of Information Cayuga County Multi Party Release Form. 
  2. Request for Restriction of Disclosures of Protected Health Information (If no restrictions are required, write in N/A. Applicant must sign form, even if indicating no restrictions.)
  3. Cayuga County Multi Party Release Form
  • Send completed application to the attention of Cayuga County Adult SPOA Coordinator. Application can be sent via:
    1. Mail to:   Cayuga County Community Mental Health Center, ATTN: Adult SPOA Coordinator, 146 North Street 
      Auburn, NY 13021      
    2. Fax to 315-253-1687; ATTN: Adult SPOA Coordination
    3. Encrypted email to: (with “ACT Referral” in subject line)


Questions/More Information

Contact Cayuga County Adult SPOA Coordinator at