Overdose Data Dashboard

Cayuga County uses data to reduce overdoses and launches public dashboard

By Monika Salvage, published in The Citizen on 5/2/2023

I often start my presentations with a blank slide, because that’s what I looked at when I started this work at the end of 2019. There was fragmented local information available, and state data that told us what the overdose situation was in our county over a year ago. If we wanted our residents who experienced overdoses to count and be helped in real time, we had to build local data infrastructure from scratch so we could respond and prevent more overdoses and deaths. With grant resources from the HEALing Communities Study, we contracted with an epidemiologist who led the charge of developing a framework for collecting, analyzing and disseminating countywide data from local stakeholders to guide data-driven initiatives aimed at reducing overdose deaths. [Download full article]

Cayuga County launches overdose data dashboard

Published at Finger Lakes Daily News on 3/23/2023

Healing Cayuga Project Director Monika Salvage hopes the dashboard will become an important tool in bringing conversations about overdoses and addiction into the open as a way to end the stigma around seeking help. 

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