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Overdose Dashboard for Cayuga County

Month Suspected Overdoses Suspected to involve Opioids Fatal Overdoses
Year-To-Date 2021 278 35% 16
December 20 45% 1
November 17 24% 0
October  21 33% 1
September  21 38% 1
August  16 19% 2
July  35 46% 2
June  27 26% 0
May  18 44% 2
April 23 22% 2
March 26 50% 0
February  30 23% 2
January  21 33% 3

Overdose Trends in Cayuga County 

201 Fatal and non-fatal overdoses in Cayuga County ODMAP
2021 Overdoses in Cayuga County by responding agency ODMAP
2021 Narcan administration in Cayuga County by responders ODMAP

TV interview: National study brings light to an alarming trend in Cayuga County

For the past two years, Cayuga County has been taking part in a national study, tracking opioid overdoses in real time. Recently, they’ve noticed an alarming trend in young teens and children. Within the last year, Cayuga County has seen a major increase in overdoses in teens and young children. From 2019 to now, those numbers have tripled. Monika Salvage, the director of the program, said kids are grabbing anything they can find at home and intentionally harming themselves. It may not be illicit drugs, but it ranges from over-the-counter drugs like Advil to prescription pills. Salvage said they’re seeing this in kids as young as 11. On top of that, the number of completed suicides throughout the county has doubled since the start of the pandemic.

[Watch entire interview as aired on News Channel 9 on 6/9/2021]

Fighting Opioid Overdoses in Cayuga County: 2020 in Review

Presentation Cover Page 2020 Report

The work of the local HEALing team has had a considerable impact on lives saved and people being linked to recovery services. 

Review the 2020 Impact Report and learn about overdose trends in Cayuga County and our initiatives and data around Narcan distribution and improving access to opioid treatment.

Overdoses high, fatalities doubled

Overdoses in 2020 in Cayuga County

Overdose witnesses are saving lives with Narcan

Narcan distribution and administration 2020 in Cayuga County

Column: Combating the rise of overdoses in Cayuga County during COVID-19

21 reasons to keep fighting deadly opioids. As if living through a pandemic wasn’t bad enough already, 21 families lost a loved one to a fatal overdose last year. Most likely, opioids such as heroin and/or fentanyl were involved. While we are consumed with COVID-19 vaccinations, opening schools, and getting our lives back to some sort of normal, someone overdoses in Cayuga County almost every day. These overdoses involve a variety of substances and they may not all be fatal, but they signify an outcry that we cannot afford to ignore...
[Read the entire column as published in The Citizen on 3/30/2021]

Radio interview: HEALing Communities continues overdose fight

While overdoses of all substances increased by 16% from 2019 to 2020, fatal overdoses more than doubled. In 2019, 25% of all overdoses involved opioids. In 2020, the rate increased to 30%.
[Listen to the radio interview on Fingerlakes Daily News on 3/30/31]

Cayuga County 2020 Overdose Dashboard (click on image to download)

Cayuga County 2020 Overdose Dashboard

Community Presentations

Sharing the progress of the HEALing work with community members, stakeholders, and elected officials is an important aspect of our outreach. The HEALing team is keeping the public informed by sharing real-time, local data and impact stories via social media, newspaper op-eds, and presentations to public bodies, such as 

  • Cayuga County Legislature's Health and Human Services Sub-Committee
  • Cayuga County Human Services Board
  • Cayuga County Alcohol and Substance Abuse Sub-Committee
  • Cayuga County Drug-Free Community Coalition
  • Auburn City Council

Auburn City Council Presentation March 26, 2021

Auburn City Council Zoom