Job Specifications D

  1. Data Collector
  2. Data Collector-Account Clerk
  3. Data Entry Machine Operator
  4. Data Officer
  5. Day Care Specialist
  6. Day Care Worker
  7. Day Care Worker Aide
  8. Dentist PT
  9. Deputy Administrator, Indigent Defendants
  10. Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney
  11. Deputy County Fire Coordinator
  12. Deputy County Fire-EMS Coordinator
  13. Deputy County Treasurer
  14. Deputy County Treasurer II
  15. Deputy Director for Fire-Rescue Svc
  16. Deputy Director for Health Services
  17. Deputy Director for Social Services
  18. Deputy Director of Community Mental Health Services
  19. Deputy Director of Emergency Services
  20. Deputy Director of Finance
  21. Deputy Director of Operations Water and Sewer Authority
  22. Deputy Director of Parks and Trails
  23. Deputy Director, Veteran's Service Agency
  24. Deputy E-911 Administrator
  25. Deputy Human Resources Administrator
  26. Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics
  27. Deputy School District Treasurer
  28. Deputy Sheriff (Navigation)
  29. Deputy Sheriff (Police)
  30. Deputy Sheriff Corporal (Police)
  31. Deputy Sheriff Identification Officer (Police)
  32. Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant (Police)
  33. Deputy Sheriff Sergeant (Police)
  34. Deputy Superintendent of Cemetery
  35. Deputy Town Highway Superintendent
  36. Detective
  37. Detective Lieutenant
  38. Detective Sergeant
  39. Director of Administrative Services
  40. Director of Administrative Services (DSS)
  41. Director of Community Health Services
  42. Director of Community Services#
  43. Director of Emergency Services
  44. Director of Environmental Health
  45. Director of Facilities II
  46. Director of Facilities III
  47. Director of Finance
  48. Director of Fiscal Management (DSS)
  49. Director of Health Education and Public Information
  50. Director of Operations Water and Sewer Authority
  51. Director of Parks and Trails
  52. Director of Personnel Relations
  53. Director of Planning
  54. Director of Purchasing
  55. Director of Real Property Tax Services
  56. Director of Services
  57. Director of Technology
  58. Director of Weights and Measures A
  59. Director, Office for the Aging
  60. Director, Veterans Service Agency
  61. Dog Control Officer
  62. Drinking Driver Program Instructor PT
  63. Driver