Emerson Park Programming Initiative

What is it?

The Emerson Park Programming Initiative is the next step in implementing the Emerson Park Master Plan adopted by the Cayuga County Legislature in 2015. A major goal of the Emerson Park Master Plan is “delivering cost-effective year-round park and recreation facilities and programs at Emerson Park that are: attractive, well-maintained, accessible, protective of natural resources, respectful of the park’s cultural history, and that continue to provide memorable experiences for visitors of all ages from both inside and outside of Cayuga County for many years to come.”

Emerson Park Programming Initiative Open Houses

On March 14th, 2019 the Emerson Park Programming Initiative will welcome the public to discuss the ongoing development of the Emerson Park Programming Plan.

Two sessions are scheduled, 1:00-2:30pm and 6:30-8:00pm, at the Emerson Park Pavilion. A short presentation will be given followed by a guided discussion seeking input from the public.  A flyer is available here.