A property's assessment is one of the factors used to determine the amount of your property taxes. All real property is assessed. Real property is defined as land and any permanent structures attached to it. A property's assessment is based on its market value. Assessments are determined by the local assessor who estimates the value of all real property in a community.

Assessor Contact Information (PDF)

Tax exemptions can reduce your taxable assessment. Contact your local assessor for information about your assessment and to apply for exemptions. Detailed information about your assessment can also be found at Image Mate Online.

Assessment Rolls

Assessment rolls list information for every property in the assessing unit. Tentative and final assessment rolls are published annually. In Cayuga County, the tentative roll is published on May 1 (April 1 for the City of Auburn). We encourage you to check your assessment each year at that time. Following publication of the tentative assessment roll, property owners have the opportunity to contest their assessments.

The final assessment roll is published on or around July 1 (June 1 for the City of Auburn). This roll reflects any changes made to contested assessments. Property tax bills are based on the information on the final assessment roll.

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