Water District


Restoration of individual properties will begin after all pipes and services have been completed.


Water District # 2 (WD#2)

A Survey of interest was mailed out and returned a 73% positive rate of interest.  This water district will require a water tower which increases the cost of developing the district. The Town is working with an engineering firm to establish the actual boundaries of WD#2 to make USDA-RD funding possible.  The planning and development for this project has just begun and, based on WD#1 & WD#3, will take 2 -3 years to be ready for public hearing and vote.

Water District #3 (WD#3

The Town of Sterling Water District #3 will hopefully be under construction starting 4/1/2019 - weather permitting and the USDA is not too far behind in approving paperwork due to extended government shut-down. Required paperwork for USDA-RD (Rural Development) has been completed and contracts signed for contractor, bond, etc.  Pre-construction meetings between the engineering firm, contractor and the Town have begun.

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